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November 13, 2012

Hello everyone,

I am called OLPC Corner and live in National Public Library, opposite of US embassy at KACYIRU.

Please come and visit you, kids of primary, all invited!!


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  1. Hello guys! I am Bruno, from Brazil! I am currently working with students from a place called Santo Angelo, in far south of Brazil. These guys a really wanting to ask you questions about you and your place. They are very curious. They are using their laptops to create blogs and video to talk to you! Have you seen it??? (just click here:
    I hope you get to know each other, and I will be here following your blog! I hope you can post some news about what you are doing there! All the best,
    Bruno Fagundes Sperb

  2. Olá Turma, sou Gelson do NTE Missões de Santo Angelo, trabalho com Técnico de suporte. Muito legal nossa integração p trocarmos conhecimentos, abs

  3. Hello Rwanda!Iam Aline Madrid. Im teacher the core technological education in Santo Ângelo, Brasil, and Im working with school students Catarina Lepori. We want to know about their customs and school life. Ok?! A Hug!

  4. Wow! It looks great! What are you doing with the XO laptops over there?
    Best regards from Brazil!

  5. Maria Inês permalink

    Hello, I´m Maria Inês do LEC/ UFRGS- Project ( one computer per student). I would like to congratulate them for starding the blog and put myself avaiable to talk.
    One question:
    How often spend a year in exchange for Rwanda?

    Thank you

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